Wednesday, August 4, 2010

我的SI GINA!!!

she wanna eat those tickets!!
siao cha bor!!

ki hiao & sot jor!!
tam ciak gui!!
oops!! haha.. i noe is tissue lai la..


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

last post bout u..

again, my life is better than yours..
it is moderate if someone out there dissatisfy with u.. 
however, even yr parents, bro n sis also disappointed with u..
it is WORST!!!
they dont understand u?? hell yeah, a person who raised u for 18years
dont understand u? r u kidding me??
proud to get drunk with those pasar malam cheapster?? haaa...
they even agree that u r damn immature...
their fault? i dont think so..
even yr bro also said u r too over n yr sis comment bout yr kind of weird attitude..
plan to run away from the truth?? wat for??
keep it la, if i'm in your situation, i rather commit suicide...
die die ki easier la, so that yr parents wont get so fed up..
pity them, eat till so old still need to take care an adult body with kid's mind..

this would be the last post i'm talking bout u.. n u noe who u r..
all this shit wouldn't be here  if u didn't start the fire..
however, i'm just telling the truth in those post about u..
aint like yrs, full with bullshit and attention seeker..


Friday, July 9, 2010

again.. is dedicated to you

the curse she had put to us turned back onto herself!!
looks like we live much more happier than u lil girl!!
do u really think that all of my friend will be on yr side??
do u think that chatting with them in msn without our
knowledge will lead u to more information bout us??
haha.. u noe my fren longer or i been with my fren longer??
every conversation that u had chatted with them,
u think i dunno bout it??
wake up my fren, u cant do anything to spoil us..
this will only show to everyone yr ridiculous thinking and silly attitude..
now all of them is on my side, even the one whose u get my mum hp num from..
noe what are they talking behind u? u dunno!!
they think that u r so immature and 13point!!
c'mon, 19year old with such thinking and attitude,
who will accept u?? c, i tot that u have found yr so called 'prince',
ha, not even reach half year i think, mayb more than that, who cares??
rmb that u told me that smtg wrong with my attitude??
in my opinion, u r the one who should behave and disabuse!!
curse us?? tai sei!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

dedicated to YOU

that immature kid crying for milk again.. don't even wan to bother bout it cause i noe it wont bring me any benefit.. just let her act innocent ba and we are always the bad ones.. what other ppl think of us is none of our business.. but i'm sure that only those blind one will care bout that.. life is too short to waste time giving respond to those idiots.. mayb she's just too free to judge other ppl, or mayb she tot she could raise our flame doing that way, or mayb this is all about the so called human resourse?? who cares.. just dun compare life or judge anyone if you have no idea what others journey is all about.. remember this?? " YOU LOOK SO CUTE, IT'S THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND? NOT MATCH LA, JUST LIKE YOUR SISTER TALLER THAN YOU." who are you think you are here to compare me and her?? mind yrself before you look for others, little shortie.. not that she's tall, or mayb you think that 150cm is enough for u.. no matter how, does this really matter in the coming years?? mayb she'll realise how shame the way she act.. last time, i used to think that she's right while other's wrong when hot argument happened between them in the high school.. think back again, i realise all that wont happened if she shut her crow mouth up.. just let it be, non of my business.. just wan YOU to noe that everyone's tolarance and patience has a limit.. make things worst, u'll noe wat is revenge.. lastly, dun blame others if you have been fooled.. yr stupidity make u deserve that.. till then.. just for you..

Monday, September 28, 2009

kitchen's time

our production__

looks like sio pao but is actually cream puff.. lol_


guess what??


this days



old times

graduation day

last moment of spm

days before spm

training days

form 4's life

make fun in class

too much to explain between us..
we smile, laugh, upset, sad and even fight not once but twice..
but we survive in this relationship..
this is what we meant it 'true friendship'
he's going back Perak for his studies..
looking forward for the next outing..
all the best buddy..